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Why we love Porto so much? ❤

Porto was elected best European destination in 2012, 2014 and now again for 2017. What makes this city so appealing?

There’s a wide offer of lodging ranges from well-known hotel chains, charming guesthouses, welcoming hostels and comfortable apartments.

This BEST EUROPEAN DESTINATION is also the main gateway to the North of Portugal and three other World Heritage SitesGuimarães, Foz Côa and the Douro Valley, a whole world of experiences awaits the visitor.

Remember, Porto is the home of the well known Francesinha and Bifana sandwich.

Each day can be quite unlike the day before – one day you might be in a World Heritage city centre, the next at the seaside or on a wine tasting trip up the Douro valley, or hiking through the National Park or exploring an important religious site, such as Fátima or Santiago de Compostela.”

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