4-hour food tour in Porto (Pancho Tours)

Follow the lead of the food-obsessed Porto inhabitants and spend an afternoon hopping between bars on this 4-hour food tour in Porto, done by Pancho Tours!

With an experienced guide, in this this 4-hour food tour in Porto you’ll learn about the history of Portuguese gastronomy and discover the delights of small-plate dining on visits to 5 of Porto’s best bars. Loosen your belt and wash down finger-licking dishes with local wine, port or beer, on this must-do gastro tour!

The guide working at this this 4-hour food tour in Porto will take you walking around town on the way to your first restaurant of the afternoon. As you walk, your guide will chat to you about Portuguese gastronomy, and of the explosion of its popularity on the international stage.


Bars and restaurants here are not typically as crowded as neighbour Spain, people here like to sit down and taste with no rush.

In some places, instead, we will eat sharing, finger-using and generally getting stuck in the food. The dishes served each afternoon will vary, but you can expect a selection of food ranging from niche regional specialties to all-time Portuguese classics.

food tour in Porto

Portuguese cuisine has many Mediterranean influences due to the Portuguese Colonial Empire that started to expand overseas in the 15th century. The influence of its former colonies is notable especially in the wide variety of spices used, as you will see on the famous Porto pastries.

Duration of this 4-hour food tour in Porto: 4 hours aprox.


  • Knowledgeable and experienced guide
  • 4 places with Portuguese snacks with beer and green wine (white and rosé)
  • 1 place for dinner with wine + dessert +a taste of porto wine
  • Learn about Portuguese Wines and Gastronomy
  • Recommended restaurants
  • Very good price
  • Instant Confirmation

Available languages:

English, Español, Portuguese

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