Francesinha Santiago

francesinha-santiagoThe famous Francesinha Santiago

Family Café/Restaurant, open since 1959, typical from Porto, which serves the most appreciated by locals citizens Francesinha, the famous and multi awarded Francesinha Santiago(R).

Officially founded in 1959, Café Santiago opened its doors quite before, in the 1930s, as pasture and barroom house. Over time, it went undergone several major renovations as it almost nothing remains of its original decoration. In 1978, Mr. Fernando Pereira and Isabel Ferreira, the current owners, started their connection to Cafe Santiago by exploring the tobacconist that currently existed. In 1993, they acquired the entire property giving a new life to space itself.


The Francesinha Santiago® has always been their primary reference, having emerged as the result of the development and improvement of the typical Francesinha in Porto, by dedicated elements of the Pereira family. Carefully selected ingredients, unique quilting process 100% handmade and its famous and delicious special sauce which recipe is a well-kept family secret, giving the Francesinha Santiago® the status of major reference in the gastronomy of Porto and Portugal.


But trying to respond to the demand and success of Café Santiago, Café Santiago F appeared in 2011 also in Passos Manuel Street in Porto, faced to the Coliseum. As an independent project, managed by Filipe Pereira, Santiago F took place as the first expansion of Café Santiago. Thanks to a great team, confidence between its employees, known as the “Santiago family”, the project was able to grow over the years. Café Santiago F is a relaxed and welcoming space where the top priority is quality. In resemblance to Café Santiago, everything that comes out of our kitchen is a homemade inspiration and Francesinha Santiago® is its Queen. The Francesinha Santiago® TOP is an exclusive.


How about a Francesinha Santiago now?

You must eat a Francesinha Santiago before returning home, so here is the address:

Address: Rua Passos Manuel, 226, Porto 4000-382, Portugal
Phone Number: +351 222 055 797