Porto Free Wi-Fi hotspots and free Internet for you!

Porto Free Wi-Fi hotspots for you!

Discover Free Wireless Internet hotspots that really work closeby! Just how? Wiman simply connects your mobile phone automatically to a good Free Wifi Hotspot near you and you don’t have to lift a finger! Simple.  And you will receive unlimited WiFi in Porto whenever you need it and be online.

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Where you can get Mobile Open WiFi in Porto?

Wiman Mobile Costless WiFi Application | Porto Free Wi-Fi hotspots

About Wiman
Wiman is a tech-startup company founded in 2012 with the aim of simplify the WiFi access and meet the growing need of Free WiFi. Today they provide seamless mobile WiFi connectivity globally. They developed a great solution set for the sharing economy which delivers the mobile last mile through an aggregated and mapped open WiFi network. Thanks to a fast growing crowdsourced and curated database of over 60 Million WiFi Hotspots worldwide, with an average of 2,5 Million new WiFi each month, Wiman is building the world’s largest Free WiFi Community.

  • So, the most simple system to find Free WiFi near you in Porto and as you move through Porto: it seamlessly connects your smartphone to the best Wireless network nearby and you won’t have to do absolutly nothing.
  • Thanks to the large Wiman Community, made of users who share their WiFi, you can benefit from other Free Wireless Internet Networks near you besides the open ones. Wiman Shared WiFi network is definitely super reliable!In addition, it’s possible to download the Free Wireless Network map of Porto when you’re online and access it even offline, when there are no Internet Hotspots in Porto near you. Wiman leads the way and helps you during the entire WiFi Hotspot search process by boosting your travel experience anywhere in the world.


Porto Free Wi-Fi hotspots for you!

Just browse the Free WiFi Map of Porto
Are you visiting Porto? Or perhaps you would like to get to know this great city without worrying about the price for data roaming?

Porto Free Wi-Fi MAP

Here is a Free Internet Hotspot map of Porto, allowing you to continuously be able to stay connected anywhere in Porto!