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Porto Webcam live gives you the opportunity to see some city´s areas,  or relive your past holidays in Porto, check out how the weather is right now in Porto.

The coastal city of Porto in is the North West of Portugal and is well known for its stunning bridges, great local gastronomy, and the production of port wine.

Porto, a city that gave its name to Portugal, formerly Cale, was a small Celtic village located at the mouth of the Douro where the Romans built a port, called “Portus Cale”, origin of the toponym Portugal. The small village was occupied by the Romans, making Portus Cale a must stop on the route between Braga and Lisbon. In the year 456, it was taken by the Visigothic king Theodoric II. The Visigoths ruled the city until the year 716, when it was conquered by the Arabs. The Arabs remained in Oporto until the city was reconquered by King Afonso I of Asturias. After the reconquest, it was almost abandoned until, in 880, the last Asturian king Afonso III, the Magno, ordered it to be repopulated. In 1096, king Afonso VI of Castile and Leon married his daughter Teresa with Henry of Burgundy and granted them a county: the “Portulacense County”, with capital in Porto.


Porto webcams | Porto Webcam live | Check Porto´s weather NOW!

Porto, Portugal old city skyline from across the Douro River.

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