From Porto: Canyoning tour


Experience this adventure and go canyoning in the most beautiful rivers of the Gerês National Park!
This will be an amazing experience, both for beginners and experienced canyoners.

  • Explore the most beautiful rivers of the Gerês National Park
  • Experience a sense of personal triumph
  • Benefit from the best canyoning guides in Portugal
  • Feel connected to nature
  • Jump, slide, abseil and rock climb




Much more than just a canyoning tour!
Discover the impressive natural beauty of Gerês National Park. There is no better activity to make you connect with your natural surroundings, making you believe you really belong there!

You will have several jumps (from different heights), abseil, slide rock jump and climb. You always have an alternative route to take if you don’t feel comfortable, so that you can do the tour at your own rhythm and without feeling rushed.

Your guide is specialized and well trained to ensure your safety and take care of you. You are provided with high-end equipment and boots that are ideal for this kind of activity.

Whether you have already tried canyoning or this is your first time, you will be surprised by the amount and variety of lagoons, waterfalls and amazing landscapes!

Fun and Adrenaline is 100% guaranteed.

After doing the canyoning you will probably be hungry, so you will stop at a local restaurant for lunch (not included) where you can meet the local community.

Anyone who feel comfortable in water can take part – from 7 to 70 years old!


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