Porto: Morning Bike Tour


Take a nice bike tour in Porto along the magnificent scenery of the banks of the Douro River and the beaches of Foz and Matosinhos, crossing the paths of the city parks.

  • See the banks of the Douro River and the beaches of Foz and Matosinhos
  • Enjoy the paths of the city park
  • Cross the river in a typical boat
  • Going through the marginal of Gaia where there are the iconic cellars of Porto wine




Porto: Morning Bike Tour

This morning Porto bike tour is the easiest and most attractive way to discover this wonderful city in just a few hours! From the Douro riverside to the natural City Park, this tour will be an experience you will not soon forget. Choosing the bicycle as mean of transportation allows you to access  hidden, quaint places that other transports cannot reach. The bikes also allow you to go further than you would be able to in a walking tour.

It is a relaxing but engaging 3-hour tour. New city bikes, EU quality, with 3 gears hub, allow you to make the journey from the Old Town to the beaches of Porto, cross the City Park and walk the waterfront of Gaia effortlessly. Carefully chosen routes are mostly on cycle paths through parks and other pedestrian areas. It is a safe and comfortable ride for anyone who is able to ride a bike.

Highlights of the route included: 
Alfândega do Porto
Porto Wine Museum
Tram Museum
Arrábida Bridge
Passeio Alegre Garden
São João da Foz Castle
Foz do Douro Breakwater
Foz Beaches
Cheese Castle
Matosinhos Beaches
City Garden
Serralves Garden/Contemporary Art Museum
Calem Garden/Bird watching
Crossing the river by boat
Fishing village of Afurada
Natural Reserve of Douro Estuary / Bird Observatory
Cellars Porto Wine
Luís I Bridge
S. Francisco Church
Parish of Miragaia


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