Ribeira – colorful and wonderfull Porto´s district

Ribeira is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Porto. It is one of the most authentic and picturesque parts of the city in the heart of the old town. As its name suggests, the district is situated on the riverbank (“Ribeira” in Portuguese stems from the word river).

Its colorful and wonderfully decorated façades are noteworthy and you’ll find that both the quaint terraced houses on the waterfront that reflect on the Douro River (which you can get a better view from Gaia) and the rest of the buildings further up in the little winding streets are equally pleasant. Situated right in Porto’s historical centre, the Ribeira Square, it is one of the oldest Squares in Porto, also mentioned in old documents already in 1389, even though its design was different that it is nowadays.

Porto, known as the capital of the North, receives more than 1 million tourists a year. To visit, we can highlight the Tower of Clerics, by Nasoni, and the Serralves Foundation, a museum of contemporary art. The Historic Center is a World Heritage Site, classified by Unesco. Ribeira is one of the oldest and typical places of the city of Porto and is worth a visit.


Credits: Boqnews

Ribeira is so charming at nighttime

This part of town becomes alive at nighttime and is the perfect place to spend your evenings. Ribeira is full of traditional restaurants with lively terraces where you can savor some of Portugal’s delicious local dishes while you enjoy views over Dom Luís I Bridge and Vila Nova da Gaia with its cellars lit up.  

History has it that, from the Ribeira Wharf that has one access to the Barcas Bridge,  in 1809 more than 4 thousand people died while running away from an attack of the Napoleon´s French troops. Nowadays a Bas-relief symbolises this horriful tragedy.  The narrow and winding streets, facing the other city across Douro river, Gaia, the typical arcades, the traditional coloured old houses, surrounded by bars, restaurants, cafeterias and shops make of this special place one of the most important tourist places in Porto. During day and night time, and a great lifestyle environment, Ribeira is a very unique place where history, tradition, vibrancy and beauty are perfectly combined. Ribeira is certainly not to be missed if you visit Porto!